Wood Vinegar Uses

Wood vinegar is a multipurpose product and replacement of synthetic materials but agriculture is the main commercial application:

  • 100% all-natural fertilizer 

  • Increased yields

  • Not harmful to humans or animals when used according to directions
  • Soil enrichment

  • Increased and Accelerated seed germinations

Why Use Wood Vinegar? 

  • Sustainable supply source

  • High potential to reduce dependency on limited, expensive agro-chemicals

  • Increase seed germination

  • Replacement for chemical fertilizers

Benefits of Wood Vinegar:

  • Increased nutrient availability and uptake

  • Increased crop yield

  • Increased root mass and foliage development

  • Increased microbial activity

  • Increased soil microbial weight

  • Improved darker green leaves for better photosynthesis, thicker and stronger stems, higher growth rates

  • Improved fruit quality and increases sugar content in fruit, and stimulate development of crops

  • Improved flavor, color, and firmness of fruit

  • Works as flavor enhancer for agricultural end products: Mix solution rates of 1:500 to 1:1000. Wood vinegar prevents excessive nitrogen levels, improves plant metabolism and contributes to higher fruit sugar levels.