Wood Vinegar

(also known as liquid smoke and pyroligneous acid)

is made through pyrolytic and carbonization process of woody biomass when organic material is cooked in an airless environment leading to the thermal decomposition and release of organic volatiles. These micro- and macro-nutrients are then condensed, filtered, and purified into a liquid called wood vinegar. Wood vinegar is made through an indirect heating process and is different from white vinegar and apple cider vinegar that is produced by a fermentation process.

Our Mission

We strive to make our planet healthier by replacing chemicals used in conventional agriculture with all-natural solutions long favored by organic producers worldwide. We believe farmers in the US will be quick to embrace Wood Vinegar once they see its effectiveness, ease of application and the cost of savings it provides. The fact that wood vinegar is produced sustainably makes it that much more appealing to farmers committed to helping our environment by converting to organic.

Never Miss an Update

    What farmers are saying
    about VerdiLife…

    Edsel, CA:

    “I have only applied this to my orchids. I can really tell the difference but very hard to quantify since orchids grow very slowly. I will have control this spring and experiment until fall.
    I will let you know my instincts, I can tell it is making a difference and definitely going to continue to apply this to my culture. I will also buy more when I run out of stock.”

    George, NY:

    “My initial observation 20ml wood vinegar added directly to 25 gallons compost worm tea first 30 seconds foamed and continued to build exciting live biological components quickly, fewer signs of deficiency as well less added to correct the deficiency.”