Wood Vinegar Uses

Use Cases


100% All-Natural Bio-Fertilizer

Wood vinegar has been used as a bio-fertilizer for years and is known to confer a whole slew of benefits, some of which are: 

  • Improved absorption through roots. 
  • Treats parasites and pests like nematodes. 
  • Strengthens roots and leaves.  
  • Increases resistance to adverse conditions. 
  • Strengthens the process of photosynthesis. 
  • Helps to cut down on potentially harmful chemical or other industrial fertilizers.  
  • And more!

Increases Yields

With all the health benefits that wood vinegar gives to plants, it’s no surprise that many farmers who use it in place of other traditional fertilizers begin to see higher quality, and higher quantity, yields.  As a natural growth enhancer, wood vinegar is a great solution to keep plants healthy and strong through the entire growing cycle. 

And beyond being just a plant nutrients product, wood vinegar also makes a great pest repellent.  Unlike chemicals like carbon disulfide, wood vinegar is organic, meaning it won’t harm the terrestrial environment it’s put into.  And it shows auspicious and effective results as a nematode treatment.


Not Harmful
To Humans or Animals

Wood vinegar is made from natural products through a process of organic pyrolysis whose roots reportedly go back thousands of years in some parts of the world.  Because of this, wood vinegar is one of the safer soil amendments that farmers and gardeners alike can familiarize themselves with.


Soil Enrichment

Wood vinegar can help facilitate composting by boosting the activity of various microbes found in the soil. It also promotes better germination by giving seeds much-needed nourishment they can’t get anywhere or any way else.

Wood vinegar also helps make the soil it’s introduced to a bit hardier, and it helps treat annoying parasites like nematodes that might feed on the plants.


Increases and Accelerates Seed Germinations

Seed germination is a vital part of any growing cycle because it starts the whole thing and keeps it going.  Without healthy germination, crops don’t start, they don’t come back, and that’s the end of that.  

Using wood vinegar will help ensure that your seeds stay healthy and keep germinating freely for a long time to come.  As an all-natural bio-fertilizer and soil amendment, wood vinegar is an excellent germination tool for any grower to have under their belt.