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What is Wood Vinegar?

Wood vinegar is a light brownish liquid that is produced through the natural act of carbonization.  Wood vinegar has a low pH (around 3) and contains a variety of organic compounds, which include: organic acetic acids, phenols, alcohols, aldehydes, ester, acetals, ketone, formic acid, vitamin B1, B2, levorotatory dextran, and many others. These various elements can work synergistically for a greater outcome.  

Wood vinegar has a long history of successful use throughout Asia as an organic growth booster and bio-fertilizer substitute in place of expensive fossil-derived agriculture chemicals.

There’s even evidence of successful use dating back thousands of years in the Amazon and even during the 1900s, when substantial factories saw a huge boost in commercial growth as they produced wood vinegar with creosote as a source of acetic acid.

How does Wood Vinegar Work?

Wood vinegar reduces the cluster value of water to 1/3.  This means that the water is activated and can be easily absorbed by the plants, because water with a low cluster value is in a very small mass, which increases the penetration rate. Each of these masses will hold one or few mineral elements, and these elements can be easily taken into the crops.  This will greatly reduce the use of agrochemicals; however, the solution should not be used with alkaline chemicals.



VerdiLife was founded and is based in Iowa (the leading state in farming), one of the world’s worst offenders for agrochemical pollutions such as runoffs.  These runoffs degrade the home soil and cause large amounts of algae blooms in the Mississippi River, and the chemicals in them can even travel all the way south, where they have been linked to the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico.  Runoffs of this magnitude constitute one of the most severe environmental disasters that the USA is currently facing because of agrochemical applications in food production.   

We at VerdiLife believe our wood vinegar product can reduce farmers’ reliance on harmful chemicals and also help protect the world’s water resources, environment, and ecosystem in the long term.  We see this project providing significant value to farmers and the environment as both a long-range and a permanent solution in general and specifically regarding soil depletion.  By taking the above steps, we’re moving in a positive direction towards re-building the farming soils over time.

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These are some of the people who are helping make the planet a bit healthier, one plant at a time. 



New York, USA


My initial observation was of 20ml wood vinegar added directly to 25 gallons of compost worm tea.  In the first 30 seconds, it foamed and continued to build exciting live biological components quickly, along with fewer signs of deficiency, as well as less added to correct the deficiency.



California, USA


I have only applied this to my orchids, though I can really tell the difference but very slowly. I will have control this Spring, and experiment until Fall.  Based on my instincts and past experience, I can tell it’s making a difference and, I’m definitely going to continue to apply this to my culture.  I will also buy more when I run out of stock.