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Wood Vinegar Field Study and Use Case Links:

Field Studies:  These are examples and stories from farmers who’ve used wood vinegar in the past.  There are comprehensive lists and notes regarding their observations and the process and the results it achieved.

Use Cases:  These are general descriptions of wood vinegar’s functions, with links to other areas of the site.  Click here if you want to learn about how wood vinegar can everything from a seed germinator to a nematode treatment.

U.S. Trials: See how farmers in the U.S. are using wood vinegar and what their experience has been so far.

Research Documents:

Here is where you’ll find links to research papers, studies, grower observations, and other documents pertaining to wood vinegar.   

An Introduction To Wood Vinegar

The Effects of Wood Vinegar on Germination Rates and Root Development

Wood Vinegar Summary Document

Adaptation of the Use of Pyroligneous Acid in Control of Caterpillars and Agronomic Performance of the Soybean Crop

As an example case, we have a specific trial from Iowa farmers who used wood vinegar and documented the results they observed.  

Iowa Farmer Use Case